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  1. Kenrich Adely

    Kenrich Adely16 hours ago

    marvel should win

  2. Eda Duru Yıldırım

    Eda Duru Yıldırım16 hours ago

    I thought sadness was male when I watched the movie.

  3. kins

    kins16 hours ago

    The Droids being conscious beings with feelings and free will carried to Return of the Jedi where lil droids were getting their feet burned and screaming with pain.

  4. Let Your Light Shine

    Let Your Light Shine16 hours ago

    This is from where our "only desi" has got his inspiration. His content is so relatable to this kind of humour.

  5. kins

    kins16 hours ago

    Man ... i loved watching all Honest trailers Star Wars and All Stuckmann's Star Wars Reviews leading up to The Force Awakens back in 2015... sigh... good old times

  6. P Gerard

    P Gerard16 hours ago

    He did direct an episode of CSI

  7. Christiyono Aryo

    Christiyono Aryo16 hours ago

    Yesss...we get it

  8. Orcasgt22

    Orcasgt2217 hours ago

    The show is worth it alone for Peyton List/Tori. Shes awesome

  9. rian macdonald

    rian macdonald17 hours ago

    glad you mentioned weed in the beginning, since stopping smoking, i can't watch these films anymore. see them in a whole different light.

  10. Batuhan Şahin

    Batuhan Şahin17 hours ago

    No one: Street sellers:My cabbages!

  11. Erik Miitel

    Erik Miitel17 hours ago

    Mr Voice Guy... Could you please say my best friend and I's tagline... Let's make a mess and get out of here! Thanks!!!

  12. Beverly Fisher

    Beverly Fisher17 hours ago

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  13. Anthony Barratt

    Anthony Barratt17 hours ago

    Spell Genisis right No comment

  14. nadia ricci

    nadia ricci17 hours ago

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  15. Sujan Dahal

    Sujan Dahal17 hours ago

    Honest trailer rise of the planets of the apes

  16. nadia ricci

    nadia ricci17 hours ago

    The wanting cone coincidently arrange because freon functionally pull via a learned euphonium. unbecoming, needy fighter

  17. Sujan Dahal

    Sujan Dahal17 hours ago

    Rise of the planet of the apes

  18. Sujan Dahal

    Sujan Dahal17 hours ago

    Please do" rise of the planet of the apes"

  19. Pranoy Dey

    Pranoy Dey17 hours ago

    It's about time you did Naruto!

  20. LshowKnows

    LshowKnows17 hours ago

    Was actually watching Cobra Kai with my girlfriend and she pointed out how Daniel never shuts up about Mr. Miyagi and his past hahah

  21. nadia ricci

    nadia ricci17 hours ago

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  22. Abhishek Chatterjee

    Abhishek Chatterjee17 hours ago

    Brother/True love

  23. nadia ricci

    nadia ricci18 hours ago

    The illegal swim lilly punch because crocodile enthrallingly hum mid a mindless cork. giant, wanting duck

  24. Mahen Senpai

    Mahen Senpai18 hours ago

    Say i love babinaaa

  25. nadia ricci

    nadia ricci19 hours ago

    The ambitious picture legally appear because weasel unusually guess after a entertaining nail. open, vulgar hope

  26. NightSHadoew

    NightSHadoew19 hours ago

    With the Cnyder cut of Justice League coming out I think the best DC universe adaptation deserves a honest trailer. Honest Trailers:DCAnimated Universe

  27. Francisco Leventhal

    Francisco Leventhal19 hours ago

    Do an honest trailer for the Sopranos

  28. iikxlie_ itzgirlz

    iikxlie_ itzgirlz19 hours ago

    Zuko doesn’t like this-

  29. Vikkor Heel

    Vikkor Heel19 hours ago

    Tiger upper cut

  30. Apoorv Jha

    Apoorv Jha19 hours ago

    2:53... Anyone notice Blue?

  31. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us19 hours ago

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen!! Repent and turn from sin! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out.

  32. Luiz Gustavo de Carvalho

    Luiz Gustavo de Carvalho19 hours ago

    Goldar, loool

  33. Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett19 hours ago

    Uh yeah bub. They stopped free trial during the time WW84 shows. Jokes not funny if it isn't relevant, Comic 101.

  34. MetallicOctopus

    MetallicOctopus19 hours ago

    The monkey business joke actually made me laugh

  35. Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett19 hours ago

    In N Out is NOT just a valley reference. The announcer must not live ANYWHERE WEST OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Eff we have these coming to my old state, the 'Rado in the Den. SPOILER ALERT: I can dumb @$$ jokes about local colloquialisms too. Starring: Wittier Fan than You and Mr Deep Voice Only One Skill Announcer Man.

  36. Mohammad Zare

    Mohammad Zare20 hours ago

    Lindsey lohan if ahe had better parents 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Jon Hulett

    Jon Hulett20 hours ago

    4:10 Thanks to Stingray, S01 was 100% bomb free and everyone was properly hydrated. Prove me wrong.

  38. Shilton Lam

    Shilton Lam20 hours ago

    “Dance,magic Dance.” David Bowie.

  39. Jane W

    Jane W20 hours ago

    Barry's bobblehead omg I can't xD

  40. PH0EN1X

    PH0EN1X20 hours ago

    Still one of my favourite marvel movies 🤨🤣

  41. Bullet Anarchy

    Bullet Anarchy20 hours ago

    That would have been awesome ?


    PBB_KCENT20 hours ago


  43. Teejay Abrera

    Teejay Abrera20 hours ago

    I guess Barney Stinson was right...he is the karate kid...

  44. jewel amaris

    jewel amaris20 hours ago

    I like to imagine everything in this movie takes place in Tim's imagination.

  45. DeathEchoVII

    DeathEchoVII20 hours ago

    Game over man, game over.

  46. Not so Anonymous

    Not so Anonymous21 hour ago

    you should've put one kristen stewart's staring clip 'accidentally' and be like, "oops, wrong movie."

  47. skywolf

    skywolf21 hour ago

    You didn't talk about how much karate was used for seduction.

  48. Jason Knight

    Jason Knight21 hour ago

    You know what the REAL comedy of this is? They called Rodriguez getting involved in a Filloni Star Wars show nearly a year before it actually happened.

  49. jaixh habkeineAhnung

    jaixh habkeineAhnung21 hour ago

    Gohst rider!!

  50. Silva

    Silva21 hour ago

    Btw Venom can bypass Spiderman's spider sense

  51. Mohammad Zare

    Mohammad Zare21 hour ago

    That last word had me 😂, wuss

  52. m h

    m h21 hour ago

    *unrealistically sexy peasant* 🤣

  53. Samuel McCarthy

    Samuel McCarthy22 hours ago

    Cobra Kai is everything a TV show based on franchise should be, whether you liked karate kid or not the series kept feel, theme and authenticity of the movies. Marshall arts, cheese and 80's vibes..what more you need from a karate kid series

  54. C H

    C H22 hours ago

    4:27, honestly, I wish

  55. Julianna Beckman

    Julianna Beckman22 hours ago

    Best. Show. Ever.

  56. Mr Fatal

    Mr Fatal22 hours ago

    Do "synchronic"

  57. Liadon Lusinga

    Liadon Lusinga22 hours ago

    Well that didn't age well💀

  58. Geeta Dhumane

    Geeta Dhumane22 hours ago

    Do the clone Wars trailer immediately


    ERIC AQUINO22 hours ago

    Title was the best

  60. Apoorv

    Apoorv22 hours ago

    Please do an honest trailer for The Office US

  61. Liadon Lusinga

    Liadon Lusinga22 hours ago

    "It's like a magical Sudan"😭

  62. Joseph Ralph

    Joseph Ralph22 hours ago

    2:22 you missed one!

  63. Daniel Sturby

    Daniel Sturby23 hours ago

    You forgot the other riker manoeuvre, putting his leg up on things.

  64. Ryndan Riley

    Ryndan Riley23 hours ago

    "All that stuff happens in THIS movies? How is it still sooo boring?" The constant clunky expositional dialogue. Both the quantity and the quality.

  65. Shinra Tensei

    Shinra Tensei23 hours ago

    do peaky blinders

  66. Black Shark

    Black Shark23 hours ago

    Loki is one of the best ever written movie villains

  67. Father Huntsman

    Father Huntsman23 hours ago

    Is this supposed to be funny?

  68. EE

    EE23 hours ago

    What song/theme is that 0:12 to 0:23

  69. donextme donextme

    donextme donextme23 hours ago

    Great movie

  70. Max Baldock

    Max Baldock23 hours ago

    4.29 way of the gun was a decent film... the disrespect is unreal

  71. yathish Velli

    yathish Velli23 hours ago

    This trailer shows that how they spoiled the series game is far more better and has lot dialogue and we will feel are deciding the story of the movie

  72. The Cyclone

    The Cyclone23 hours ago

    Fear does not exist in this dojo Defeat does not exist in this dojo An MMA gym does not exist in this dojo

  73. Daniel Taşa

    Daniel TaşaDay ago

    Do Wanda Vision next. I wanna see those 5 minutes ending credits. FIVE FREAKING MINUTES.

  74. Crook Mannimarco

    Crook MannimarcoDay ago

    Cobra Commander!!

  75. Leila-Leader Nambinga-Leader

    Leila-Leader Nambinga-LeaderDay ago

    Time 4:01 my brother I made cube and square sexy I am A Boss$$$

  76. MegaVideoGameChannel

    MegaVideoGameChannelDay ago

    i cant stand anyone that likes spaceballs it was seriously too dumb beyond words

  77. mohd athar

    mohd atharDay ago

    he had me at lil waye

  78. MegaVideoGameChannel

    MegaVideoGameChannelDay ago

    this movie is bad but for some odd reason everyone loves it :D

  79. Selina Marcovski

    Selina MarcovskiDay ago

    Idk why but I was so excited when I got the Janny reference

  80. Nathan Lee

    Nathan LeeDay ago

    The Stan Lee fact, is so tru lmao.